Wedding In Montreux

Wedding in the Swiss Riviera

Between the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva, Montreux, is the treasure of the Swiss Riviera. Everything there is luxurious! Our lovely couple Valérie + Kemal chose the Montreux Palace to celebrate their wedding with all their friends and family !

The stunning teaser of the video of this crazy wedding in Montreux by L’As de Coeur ..

Wedding Montreux Palace

Groom prep Montreux PalaceWedding Montreux Palace

Wedding details Montreux PalaceGroom prep Montreux Palace

Fairmont – Montreux Palace

For almost a 100 years, the Montreux Palace is the jewel of the waterfront promenade! You’ll be dazzled by the splendor of the Belle Epoque feeling everywhere around you. Inside the palace you’ll be stunned by the superb of the ballrooms or sparkling chandeliers. There’s also a thing that have to be mentionne, the cuisine! You and your guests won’t be able to forget your wedding dinner!

Bride Prep Montreux PalaceBridesmaids Montreux PalaceWedding photographer Switzerland

Bride Prep Montreux PalaceWedding ceremony Montreux Palace

Wedding in Switzerland

Montreux is at the crossroads of Europe. There you’ll found the beauty of France, Germany or Italy in the same place! Montreux is a cosmopolitan place, you’ll be as if you were at home! If you dream about an European Wedding in a Palace, Montreux is the place for you! As wedding photographer & videographer in Switzerland we’ll be more than happy to be there to fix your memories on film!Wedding ceremony Montreux Palace

Wedding ceremony Montreux PalaceWedding Switzerland

Wedding ceremony Montreux PalaceWedding ceremony Montreux PalaceWedding prep in a gorgeous suite

For your preparation, your bridesmaids and yourself we’ll live a fairy tale! Just like Val√©rie and her bridesmaids, you’ll get ready sipping champagne in a Royal Suite, with an incredible view on the Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps!

Wedding ceremony Montreux Palace


Outdoor Ceremony Montreux Palace

Wedding ceremony outdoor Switzerland

Outdoor Ceremony Montreux PalaceOutdoor Ceremony Montreux PalaceDestination Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker

Wedding Montreux Palace

Wedding guests Montreux Palace

Wedding at the Montreux Palace

To exchange your vows in front of your loved ones some options are in front of you! You can choose to have your ceremony outside on the Coupole’s terrace juste like V + K with the stunning view onto the Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. But you can also say ¬ę¬†Yes¬†¬Ľ in one of their more intimate space like La Coupole for instance! The Montreux’s church is also the perfect place for a christian wedding.¬†
Anywhere, we, wedding photographer and filmmaker in Switzerland we’ll be there to make sure everything is perfect on your wedding photos!¬†

Wedding Montreux Palace



Wedding guests Montreux Palace

Wedding in Montreux PalaceWedding bouquet Montreux PalaceCouple Session Montreux Palace

Couple Session in Montreux

Couple Session Montreux Palace

Couple Session Montreux Palace

Couple Session Montreux Palace

Gorgeous scenery for a Couple Session

As we said Montreux is on the bank of the Lake Geneva and surrounded by the Swiss Alps. The location is perfect for your wedding photo. On one side you’ll have the white mountains tops and on the other the palm trees along the Lake. We were lucky enough to create stunning memories for several blessed couples there, and so we’ll be able to guide you to the most beautiful scenery to complete your wedding album!

And you know what? Don’t need to get married to have a beautiful love session with us, wedding photographer and videographer in Switzerland!

Couple Session Montreux PalaceCouple Session Montreux PalaceCrazy Wedding in Montreux

Wedding decor Montreux Palace

Wedding decor Montreux Palace

Unforgettable wedding reception

Whether you set your mind on a small or a big wedding, everything you’ll need will be at the Montreux Palace. For something more intimate you can choose La Coupole. If you decide on a wedding extravaganza, ¬†the L√©man Ballroom is perfect for all your guests!

Wedding lights Montreux Palace

Crazy wedding party at the Montreux Palace

Like our newlyweds V+K you’ll have a party to remember! You’ll dance till the end of the night surrounded by all your loved ones! And we’ll be here to capture your memories so that you’ll have a gorgeous wedding album to keep in mind this day forever!

Wedding dress Montreux Palace

Dream week-end at the Montreux Palace

After (or before) your party you’ll enjoy a good night rest in one of the sumptuous suites in the Palace. On the next day, after a nice brunch, you and your better-half will be thrilled to take some time off in the Willow Stream Spa!

Wedding party Montreux Palace
Wedding photographer & filmmaker in Switzerland

If you’re looking to get married in Europe or anywhere, we would be greatly excited to be there to create your lovely memories for your Big Day! Available in Geneva, Evian and everywhere in Switzerland.¬†

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Venue : Montreux Palace

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